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2019 Football Rankings Team:
Couch Managers 2019 Football Player Rankings (Work in progress)
Rank PR Player Pos Stats
241Patrick Mahomes - KCQB50TD 5097Yd 12INT
312Aaron Rodgers - GBQB25TD 4442Yd 2INT
353Andrew Luck - INDQB39TD 4593Yd 15INT
414Drew Brees - NOQB32TD 3992Yd 5INT
525Matt Ryan - ATLQB35TD 4924Yd 7INT
546Ben Roethlisberger - PITQB34TD 5129Yd 16INT
627Russell Wilson - SEAQB35TD 3448Yd 7INT
698Jared Goff - LARQB32TD 4688Yd 12INT
709Cam Newton - CARQB24TD 3395Yd 13INT
7110Philip Rivers - LACQB32TD 4308Yd 12INT
7211Mitchell Trubisky - CHIQB24TD 3223Yd 12INT
7812Tom Brady - NEQB29TD 4355Yd 11INT
8113Dak Prescott - DALQB22TD 3885Yd 8INT
8914Kirk Cousins - MINQB30TD 4298Yd 10INT
9015Carson Wentz - PHIQB21TD 3074Yd 7INT
9816Kyler Murray - ARIQB0TD 0Yd 0INT
10217Derek Carr - OAKQB19TD 4049Yd 10INT
10518Matthew Stafford - DETQB21TD 3777Yd 11INT
10719Andy Dalton - CINQB21TD 2566Yd 11INT
11020Baker Mayfield - CLEQB27TD 3725Yd 14INT
11121Case Keenum - DENQB18TD 3890Yd 15INT
11522Jameis Winston - TBQB19TD 2992Yd 14INT
11823Deshaun Watson - HOUQB26TD 4165Yd 9INT
12024Eli Manning - NYGQB21TD 4299Yd 11INT
13225Sam Darnold - NYJQB17TD 2865Yd 15INT
13326Marcus Mariota - TENQB11TD 2528Yd 8INT
14727Josh Rosen - MIAQB11TD 2278Yd 14INT
16628Josh Allen - BUFQB10TD 2074Yd 12INT
18229Joe Flacco - DENQB12TD 2465Yd 6INT
19030Dwayne Haskins - WASQB0TD 0Yd 0INT
19431Ryan Fitzpatrick - TBQB17TD 2366Yd 12INT
22432Ryan Tannehill - MIAQB17TD 1979Yd 9INT
23033Drew Lock - DENQB0TD 0Yd 0INT
26934Blake Bortles - JAXQB13TD 2718Yd 11INT
29135Daniel Jones - NYGQB0TD 0Yd 0INT
35736Nick Mullens - SFQB13TD 2277Yd 10INT
37637C.J. Beathard - SFQB8TD 1252Yd 7INT
44838Nick Foles - PHIQB7TD 1413Yd 4INT
50739Brock Osweiler - MIAQB6TD 1247Yd 4INT
51940Lamar Jackson - BALQB6TD 1201Yd 3INT
54941Jeff Driskel - CINQB6TD 1003Yd 2INT
67842Jimmy Garoppolo - SFQB5TD 718Yd 3INT
76743Blaine Gabbert - TENQB4TD 626Yd 4INT
85544Josh Johnson - WASQB3TD 590Yd 4INT
86845Chase Daniel - CHIQB3TD 515Yd 2INT
90646Colt McCoy - WASQB3TD 372Yd 3INT
93247Cody Kessler - JAXQB2TD 709Yd 2INT
97348Tyrod Taylor - CLEQB2TD 473Yd 2INT
100149Sam Bradford - ARIQB2TD 400Yd 4INT
100550Alex Smith - WASQB10TD 2180Yd 5INT
102751Kyle Allen - CARQB2TD 266Yd 0INT
102852Matt Barkley - BUFQB2TD 232Yd 0INT
107953Josh McCown - NYJQB1TD 539Yd 4INT
111854Taylor Heinicke - CARQB1TD 320Yd 3INT
114355Nathan Peterman - BUFQB1TD 296Yd 7INT
116756Mike Glennon - ARIQB1TD 174Yd 0INT
119257Teddy Bridgewater - NOQB1TD 118Yd 1INT
121458Nate Sudfeld - PHIQB1TD 22Yd 0INT
125059Derek Anderson - BUFQB0TD 465Yd 4INT
138060DeShone Kizer - GBQB0TD 187Yd 2INT
138161Mark Sanchez - WASQB0TD 138Yd 3INT
145362Taysom Hill - NOQB0TD 64Yd 1INT
145463Matt Cassel - DETQB0TD 59Yd 1INT
145564David Fales - MIAQB0TD 0Yd 0INT
145665Joe Webb III - HOUQB0TD 0Yd 0INT
145766Chad Kelly - DENQB0TD 0Yd 0INT
145867Brandon Weeden - HOUQB0TD 0Yd 0INT
145968Kyle Lauletta - NYGQB0TD 0Yd 1INT
150469Joshua Dobbs - PITQB0TD 43Yd 1INT
150570Garrett Gilbert - CARQB0TD 40Yd 0INT
150671Chad Henne - KCQB0TD 29Yd 0INT
150772Robert Griffin III - BALQB0TD 21Yd 0INT
150873Matt Schaub - ATLQB0TD 20Yd 0INT
150974Geno Smith - LACQB0TD 8Yd 0INT
151075Sean Mannion - LARQB0TD 23Yd 0INT
151176AJ McCarron - OAKQB0TD 8Yd 0INT
151277Brian Hoyer - NEQB0TD 7Yd 0INT
151378Jacoby Brissett - INDQB0TD 2Yd 0INT
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