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Football Snake Drafts
Free Fast Live Mock Drafts
90 seconds per pick.
14 Teams
Starts In: 6:15
12 Teams
Starts In: 21:15
10 Teams
Starts In: 36:15
Free Slow Mock Drafts
Mock drafts with 4 hour time limits. Sleep mode 12am-9am(ET)
10 Teams
Time Limit: 4 hours
12 Teams
Time Limit: 4 hours
14 Teams
Time Limit: 4 hours
Custom Mock Drafts
Join or create a custom mock draft. Customize roster and settings.
No public custom drafts currently filling.
No private custom drafts currently filling.
Football Auction Drafts
Custom Auctions
Join or create a custom auction. Customize roster and settings.
12 Teams
Time Limit: 12h
The auctions below are password protected.
16 Teams
Time Limit: 4h
The League League Startup Auction
10 Teams
Time Limit: 14h
2024 UFFE Auctions
12 Teams
Time Limit: 24h
Auction 701
$1,000 Budget
96% Completed Watch
Auction 886
$1,000 Budget
33% Completed Watch
Auction 896
$1,000 Budget
99% Completed Watch
Top 15 ADP


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