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2020 Football Rankings Team:
Couch Managers 2020 Football Player Rankings (Work in progress)
Rank PR Player Pos Stats
1991Defense Steelers - PITDEF20 PPG
2022Defense Rams - LARDEF19 PPG
2053Defense Colts - INDDEF23 PPG
2144Defense Bills - BUFDEF23 PPG
2185Defense Dolphins - MIADEF21 PPG
2256Defense Football Team - WASDEF21 PPG
2287Defense Ravens - BALDEF19 PPG
2348Defense Eagles - PHIDEF26 PPG
2389Defense Buccaneers - TBDEF22 PPG
24110Defense Saints - NODEF21 PPG
26011Defense Chiefs - KCDEF23 PPG
26912Defense Giants - NYGDEF22 PPG
27113Defense Seahawks - SEADEF23 PPG
28314Defense Browns - CLEDEF26 PPG
29615Defense Cowboys - DALDEF30 PPG
30516Defense Cardinals - ARIDEF23 PPG
31717Defense Packers - GBDEF23 PPG
32918Defense Panthers - CARDEF25 PPG
33319Defense Patriots - NEDEF22 PPG
34420Defense Bears - CHIDEF23 PPG
36221Defense Broncos - DENDEF28 PPG
36722Defense Chargers - LACDEF27 PPG
37923Defense Jets - NYJDEF29 PPG
40424Defense Titans - TENDEF27 PPG
40725Defense 49ers - SFDEF24 PPG
105926Defense Falcons - ATLDEF26 PPG
106827Defense Vikings - MINDEF30 PPG
107628Defense Jaguars - JAXDEF31 PPG
108629Defense Texans - HOUDEF29 PPG
109030Defense Bengals - CINDEF27 PPG
109231Defense Lions - DETDEF32 PPG
110432Defense Raiders - LVDEF30 PPG
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