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2019 Football Rankings Team:
Couch Managers 2019 Football Player Rankings (Work in progress)
Rank PR Player Pos Stats
2141Defense PIT - PITDEF360 P/Allowed
2152Defense KC - KCDEF421 P/Allowed
2253Defense CHI - CHIDEF283 P/Allowed
2284Defense MIN - MINDEF341 P/Allowed
2375Defense WAS - WASDEF359 P/Allowed
2446Defense NO - NODEF353 P/Allowed
2457Defense ARI - ARIDEF425 P/Allowed
2718Defense GB - GBDEF400 P/Allowed
2729Defense DEN - DENDEF349 P/Allowed
27310Defense PHI - PHIDEF348 P/Allowed
33511Defense BAL - BALDEF287 P/Allowed
33612Defense DET - DETDEF360 P/Allowed
33713Defense HOU - HOUDEF316 P/Allowed
33814Defense SEA - SEADEF347 P/Allowed
37915Defense LAR - LARDEF384 P/Allowed
41116Defense NYJ - NYJDEF441 P/Allowed
42417Defense JAC - JAXDEF316 P/Allowed
43118Defense SF - SFDEF435 P/Allowed
43419Defense ATL - ATLDEF423 P/Allowed
44220Defense CLE - CLEDEF392 P/Allowed
47321Defense BUF - BUFDEF374 P/Allowed
47522Defense DAL - DALDEF324 P/Allowed
47623Defense LAC - LACDEF329 P/Allowed
47924Defense IND - INDDEF344 P/Allowed
48125Defense TEN - TENDEF303 P/Allowed
48226Defense TB - TBDEF464 P/Allowed
51327Defense CAR - CARDEF382 P/Allowed
53728Defense CIN - CINDEF455 P/Allowed
63829Defense MIA - MIADEF433 P/Allowed
65530Defense NE - NEDEF325 P/Allowed
65631Defense NYG - NYGDEF412 P/Allowed
122632Defense OAK - OAKDEF467 P/Allowed
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