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2019 Football Rankings Team:
Couch Managers 2019 Football Player Rankings (Work in progress)
Rank PR Player Pos Stats
1161Darius Leonard - INDLB111Tkl 7Sk 2Int
1242Blake Martinez - GBLB91Tkl 5Sk 0Int
1263Leighton Vander Esch - DALLB102Tkl 0Sk 2Int
1274Telvin Smith Sr. - JAXLB100Tkl 1Sk 2Int
1295Cory Littleton - LARLB90Tkl 4Sk 3Int
1376Roquan Smith - CHILB89Tkl 5Sk 1Int
1427Luke Kuechly - CARLB93Tkl 2Sk 1Int
1518Bobby Wagner - SEALB84Tkl 1Sk 1Int
1529Lavonte David - TBLB94Tkl 4Sk 0Int
15410Mason Foster - WASLB81Tkl 1Sk 2Int
15511Khalil Mack - CHILB37Tkl 13Sk 1Int
1561Antoine Bethea - ARIDB99Tkl 3Sk 0Int
1641Aaron Donald - LARDL41Tkl 21Sk 0Int
1672Jamal Adams - NYJDB86Tkl 4Sk 1Int
16812Kiko Alonso - MIALB79Tkl 0Sk 3Int
16913Jaylon Smith - DALLB82Tkl 4Sk 0Int
1703John Johnson III - LARDB81Tkl 0Sk 4Int
17514Tremaine Edmunds - BUFLB80Tkl 2Sk 2Int
17615Tahir Whitehead - OAKLB89Tkl 0Sk 1Int
1772Nick Bosa - SFDL0Tkl 0.0Sk 0Int
1784Shawn Williams - CINDB79Tkl 1Sk 5Int
17916Avery Williamson - NYJLB80Tkl 3Sk 1Int
18617Anthony Hitchens - KCLB81Tkl 0Sk 0Int
1915Derwin James - LACDB75Tkl 4Sk 3Int
19518Fred Warner - SFLB84Tkl 0Sk 0Int
19619Haason Reddick - ARILB53Tkl 4Sk 0Int
19720Jerome Baker - MIALB56Tkl 3Sk 1Int
1983Chris Jones - KCDL35Tkl 17Sk 1Int
1996Adoree' Jackson - TENDB66Tkl 0Sk 2Int
2007Steven Nelson - KCDB58Tkl 0Sk 4Int
20421Nick Vigil - CINLB62Tkl 0Sk 0Int
2058Pierre Desir - INDDB60Tkl 0Sk 1Int
2069Jeff Heath - DALDB61Tkl 0Sk 1Int
20710Adrian Amos - CHIDB58Tkl 1Sk 2Int
20811Lamarcus Joyner - OAKDB58Tkl 1Sk 1Int
20912Reshad Jones - MIADB57Tkl 0Sk 3Int
21322Demario Davis - NOLB74Tkl 5Sk 0Int
21623Chandler Jones - ARILB38Tkl 14Sk 0Int
21713Clayton Geathers - INDDB59Tkl 0Sk 0Int
21814Logan Ryan - TENDB54Tkl 4Sk 0Int
21915Jalen Ramsey - JAXDB62Tkl 0Sk 3Int
22124Todd Davis - DENLB80Tkl 1Sk 1Int
22225Wesley Woodyard - TENLB69Tkl 5Sk 0Int
22326Foyesade Oluokun - ATLLB55Tkl 0Sk 0Int
22616Sean Davis - PITDB58Tkl 0Sk 1Int
22717Jabrill Peppers - CLEDB52Tkl 1Sk 1Int
22918Patrick Chung - NEDB51Tkl 1Sk 1Int
23427Jamie Collins Sr. - CLELB73Tkl 4Sk 1Int
23528Myles Jack - JAXLB75Tkl 3Sk 1Int
23629Reggie Ragland - KCLB46Tkl 1Sk 1Int
23819Jessie Bates III - CINDB73Tkl 0Sk 3Int
23920Jordan Poyer - BUFDB71Tkl 2Sk 4Int
24021T.J. Carrie - CLEDB57Tkl 1Sk 1Int
24122Prince Amukamara - CHIDB57Tkl 0Sk 3Int
24323Devin McCourty - NEDB55Tkl 0Sk 1Int
24624Minkah Fitzpatrick - MIADB50Tkl 0Sk 2Int
24725Kyle Fuller - CHIDB45Tkl 0Sk 7Int
25130Danny Trevathan - CHILB76Tkl 2Sk 2Int
25231Jarrad Davis - DETLB73Tkl 6Sk 0Int
25332Shaq Thompson - CARLB47Tkl 4Sk 0Int
2544Myles Garrett - CLEDL35Tkl 15Sk 0Int
2555Frank Clark - SEADL33Tkl 14Sk 1Int
25626Janoris Jenkins - NYGDB58Tkl 0Sk 2Int
25727Tony Jefferson - BALDB53Tkl 1Sk 1Int
25828Jahleel Addae - LACDB52Tkl 1Sk 1Int
25929Mike Adams - CARDB47Tkl 0Sk 3Int
26333Josh Bynes - ARILB52Tkl 2Sk 0Int
26430James Bradberry - CARDB58Tkl 1Sk 1Int
26531Adrian Phillips - LACDB54Tkl 0Sk 1Int
26632Jordan Whitehead - TBDB61Tkl 0Sk 0Int
26733Terrell Edmunds - PITDB52Tkl 1Sk 1Int
27034Jayon Brown - TENLB63Tkl 7Sk 1Int
27434Ha Ha Clinton-Dix - CHIDB79Tkl 1Sk 3Int
27535Glover Quin - DETDB58Tkl 1Sk 0Int
27735Darron Lee - KCLB43Tkl 0Sk 3Int
2796Cameron Jordan - NODL35Tkl 12Sk 0Int
28036Budda Baker - ARIDB77Tkl 3Sk 0Int
28137Chidobe Awuzie - DALDB57Tkl 0Sk 1Int
28238Jaire Alexander - GBDB59Tkl 1Sk 1Int
28339Eddie Jackson - CHIDB41Tkl 1Sk 6Int
28436Jon Bostic - PITLB46Tkl 3Sk 0Int
28537Ryan Kerrigan - WASLB30Tkl 14Sk 0Int
2867Jurrell Casey - TENDL36Tkl 8Sk 0Int
2878Jadeveon Clowney - HOUDL38Tkl 10Sk 0Int
2889Quinnen Williams - NYJDL0Tkl 0.0Sk 0Int
28910Clelin Ferrell - OAKDL0Tkl 0.0Sk 0Int
29038Devin White - TBLB0Tkl 0.0Sk 0Int
29239Josh Allen - JAXLB0Tkl 0.0Sk 0Int
29411Ed Oliver - BUFDL0Tkl 0.0Sk 0Int
29540Devin Bush - PITLB0Tkl 0.0Sk 0Int
29612Rashan Gary - GBDL0Tkl 0.0Sk 0Int
29713Christian Wilkins - MIADL0Tkl 0.0Sk 0Int
29814Akiem Hicks - CHIDL41Tkl 8Sk 0Int
29915Brian Burns - CARDL0Tkl 0.0Sk 0Int
30016Dexter Lawrence - NYGDL0Tkl 0.0Sk 0Int
30117Jeffrey Simmons - TENDL0Tkl 0.0Sk 0Int
30340Darnell Savage - GBDB0Tkl 0.0Sk 0Int
30618Montez Sweat - WASDL0Tkl 0.0Sk 0Int
30741Johnathan Abram - OAKDB0Tkl 0.0Sk 0Int
30819L.J. Collier - SEADL0Tkl 0.0Sk 0Int
30942Deandre Baker - NYGDB0Tkl 0.0Sk 0Int
31143Byron Murphy - ARIDB0Tkl 0.0Sk 0Int
31244Rock Ya-Sin - INDDB0Tkl 0.0Sk 0Int
31445Sean Bunting - TBDB0Tkl 0.0Sk 0Int
31546Trayvon Mullen - OAKDB0Tkl 0.0Sk 0Int
31641Jahlani Tavai - DETLB0Tkl 0.0Sk 0Int
31747Joejuan Williams - NEDB0Tkl 0.0Sk 0Int
31848Greedy Williams - CLEDB0Tkl 0.0Sk 0Int
31949Marquise Blair - SEADB0Tkl 0.0Sk 0Int
32042Ben Banogu - INDLB0Tkl 0.0Sk 0Int
32550Lonnie Johnson Jr - HOUDB0Tkl 0.0Sk 0Int
32820Trysten Hill - DALDL0Tkl 0.0Sk 0Int
33051Nasir Adderly - LACDB0Tkl 0.0Sk 0Int
33152Taylor Rapp - LARDB0Tkl 0.0Sk 0Int
33353Juan Thornhill - KCDB0Tkl 0.0Sk 0Int
33421Jarran Reed - SEADL34Tkl 11Sk 0Int
33954Eric Reid - CARDB50Tkl 1Sk 1Int
34222Dee Ford - SFDL0Tkl 0.0Sk 0Int
34343Eric Kendricks - MINLB63Tkl 1Sk 2Int
34444Thomas Davis Sr. - CARLB46Tkl 0Sk 0Int
34545A.J. Klein - NOLB42Tkl 2Sk 1Int
34623Fletcher Cox - PHIDL33Tkl 12Sk 0Int
34955Jason McCourty - NEDB53Tkl 0Sk 1Int
35056Desmond King II - LACDB46Tkl 0Sk 3Int
35157Shaquill Griffin - SEADB54Tkl 0Sk 2Int
35258Darian Stewart - DENDB46Tkl 2Sk 2Int
35846Joe Schobert - CLELB57Tkl 4Sk 1Int
35947C.J. Mosley - NYJLB70Tkl 1Sk 1Int
36048Alec Ogletree - NYGLB58Tkl 1Sk 5Int
36124Danielle Hunter - MINDL51Tkl 15Sk 0Int
36225Trey Flowers - DETDL32Tkl 9Sk 0Int
36359Tyrann Mathieu - KCDB70Tkl 3Sk 2Int
36460Harrison Smith - MINDB67Tkl 3Sk 3Int
36561Justin Simmons - DENDB71Tkl 0Sk 3Int
36662Marshon Lattimore - NODB49Tkl 0Sk 2Int
36763Desmond Trufant - ATLDB55Tkl 1Sk 0Int
36864Joe Haden - PITDB51Tkl 0Sk 2Int
36965D.J. Swearinger Sr. - WASDB42Tkl 1Sk 4Int
37066Eric Weddle - BALDB54Tkl 1Sk 0Int
37749Zach Cunningham - HOULB73Tkl 0Sk 1Int
37850Anthony Walker - INDLB68Tkl 1Sk 1Int
38067Tre Flowers - SEADB55Tkl 0Sk 0Int
38168Josh Norman - WASDB40Tkl 0Sk 3Int
38269Bobby McCain - MIADB50Tkl 2Sk 1Int
38370Rasul Douglas - PHIDB48Tkl 0Sk 3Int
38651Benardrick McKinney - HOULB63Tkl 2Sk 1Int
38752Christian Jones - DETLB48Tkl 1Sk 0Int
38871Marcus Gilchrist - OAKDB38Tkl 0Sk 3Int
39053B.J. Goodson - NYGLB43Tkl 1Sk 2Int
39154T.J. Watt - PITLB50Tkl 13Sk 0Int
39272Malcolm Jenkins - PHIDB76Tkl 1Sk 1Int
39355Zach Brown - WASLB69Tkl 1Sk 0Int
39473Damarious Randall - CLEDB71Tkl 0Sk 4Int
39556Jordan Hicks - ARILB61Tkl 4Sk 0Int
39674Darqueze Dennard - CINDB53Tkl 0Sk 0Int
39757Kyle Van Noy - NELB54Tkl 4Sk 1Int
39875B.W. Webb - NYGDB52Tkl 1Sk 1Int
39926Javon Hargrave - PITDL32Tkl 7Sk 0Int
40058Patrick Onwuasor - BALLB35Tkl 6Sk 1Int
40127Ndamukong Suh - LARDL36Tkl 5Sk 0Int
40228Geno Atkins - CINDL24Tkl 10Sk 0Int
40376Damontae Kazee - ATLDB58Tkl 0Sk 7Int
40477Tre'Davious White - BUFDB44Tkl 0Sk 2Int
40578Byron Jones - DALDB54Tkl 0Sk 0Int
40679Justin Evans - TBDB43Tkl 0Sk 1Int
40880Johnathan Joseph - HOUDB49Tkl 0Sk 2Int
41281Marcus Williams - NODB46Tkl 1Sk 2Int
41359Alex Anzalone - NOLB45Tkl 2Sk 1Int
41482Kareem Jackson - DENDB70Tkl 1Sk 2Int
41660Mark Barron - LARLB43Tkl 1Sk 0Int
41783Denzel Ward - CLEDB41Tkl 0Sk 3Int
41961De'Vondre Campbell - ATLLB63Tkl 2Sk 0Int
42084Jonathan Jones - NEDB39Tkl 2Sk 3Int
42262Elijah Lee - SFLB51Tkl 1Sk 0Int
42363Adarius Taylor - TBLB38Tkl 1Sk 1Int
42564Nigel Bradham - PHILB67Tkl 2Sk 0Int
42665Anthony Barr - MINLB39Tkl 3Sk 0Int
42729Justin Houston - KCDL28Tkl 10Sk 1Int
42866Leonard Floyd - CHILB34Tkl 4Sk 1Int
42967Kyler Fackrell - GBLB28Tkl 11Sk 0Int
43268Matthew Judon - BALLB29Tkl 8Sk 0Int
43530Cameron Heyward - PITDL29Tkl 9Sk 0Int
43731Melvin Ingram III - LACDL28Tkl 8Sk 1Int
43832Larry Ogunjobi - CLEDL33Tkl 7Sk 0Int
43969Devon Kennard - DETLB30Tkl 7Sk 0Int
44085Kevin Byard - TENDB60Tkl 2Sk 4Int
44186Kenny Moore II - INDDB63Tkl 2Sk 3Int
44387Buster Skrine - NYJDB51Tkl 1Sk 0Int
44488A.J. Bouye - JAXDB46Tkl 0Sk 1Int
44589Morris Claiborne - NYJDB44Tkl 0Sk 2Int
44690Patrick Peterson - ARIDB45Tkl 1Sk 2Int
44791Tashaun Gipson Sr. - JAXDB44Tkl 0Sk 1Int
45092Rashaan Melvin - OAKDB52Tkl 0Sk 1Int
45293Justin Reid - HOUDB64Tkl 0Sk 3Int
45394Mike Hilton - PITDB43Tkl 1Sk 1Int
45570Raekwon McMillan - MIALB69Tkl 0Sk 0Int
45695Chris Harris Jr. - DENDB40Tkl 1Sk 3Int
45771Deion Jones - ATLLB34Tkl 1Sk 2Int
45896T.J. McDonald - MIADB62Tkl 0Sk 3Int
45997Kenny Vaccaro - TENDB41Tkl 2Sk 1Int
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