2017 Baseball ADP
Average Draft Position - Not including picks made by computer teams.
ADP   # Rd Player Our
9.6 1-Manny Machado 3B15-0.2
15.9 2-Trea Turner SS5-1.9
17.5 3-Carlos Correa SS13-2.4
21.6 4-Corey Seager SS28-2.4
28.6 5-Xander Bogaerts SS86-1.8
30.7 6-Francisco Lindor SS22-2.0
31.9 7-Jonathan Villar 2B218-0.5
40.1 8-Trevor Story SS148-0.2
58.5 9-Jean Segura SS51-2.0
78.5 10-Alex Bregman 3B68+0.5
91.0 11-Addison Russell SS256-2.6
107.5 12-Aledmys Diaz SS298+0.4
121.1 13-Jose Peraza 2B203+14.0
121.6 14-Javier Baez 2B129-7.1
125.0 15-Troy Tulowitzki SS297-3.8
132.0 16-Eduardo Nunez 3B78-2.0
135.9 17-Dansby Swanson SS219-0.6
145.9 18-Brad Miller 2B388-4.5
170.9 19-Elvis Andrus SS44-4.9
179.4 20-Tim Anderson SS178-4.8
183.8 21-Marcus Semien SS221-10.0
192.4 22-Jedd Gyorko 3B288-16.6
213.9 23-Brandon Crawford SS326-11.5
233.3 24-Didi Gregorius SS99-6.2
261.6 25-Zack Cozart SS1700.0
262.5 26-Asdrubal Cabrera SS381-9.7

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