2017 Baseball ADP
Average Draft Position - Not including picks made by computer teams.
ADP   # Rd Player Our
2.1 11Mike Trout OF1-0.6
4.6 21Mookie Betts OF2-1.2
5.3 31Kris Bryant 3B3-0.7
6.5 41Jose Altuve 2B6-0.5
6.7 51Nolan Arenado 3B4-1.1
6.7 61Paul Goldschmidt 1B5-0.5
7.0 71Clayton Kershaw SP7-0.8
9.4 81Manny Machado 3B8-1.3
10.3 91Anthony Rizzo 1B9-0.1
10.5 101Bryce Harper OF10+0.1
12.1 111Josh Donaldson 3B11-1.2
14.0 121Trea Turner SS12-0.8
15.1 132Carlos Correa SS13-0.4
15.2 142Max Scherzer SP18-2.5
15.9 152Miguel Cabrera 1B14-0.3
17.1 162Madison Bumgarner SP15-0.5
18.6 172Charlie Blackmon OF16-1.1
19.2 182Corey Seager SS19-1.1
20.3 192Edwin Encarnacion 1B17-2.3
21.0 202Joey Votto 1B20-1.5
22.8 212Starling Marte OF21-2.4
24.5 222Chris Sale SP22-1.1
26.5 232Freddie Freeman 1B26-0.2
26.6 242Robinson Cano 2B23-1.4
26.8 253Xander Bogaerts SS24-4.1
27.7 263Noah Syndergaard SP25+4.4
28.7 273Francisco Lindor SS28-0.8
29.4 283Corey Kluber SP29-0.4
29.6 293Giancarlo Stanton OF27-2.6
31.4 303Jonathan Villar 2B30-2.0
32.3 313Brian Dozier 2B31-3.9
34.5 323George Springer OF32-8.3
35.7 333Daniel Murphy 2B33-1.6
36.0 343Nelson Cruz OF34-0.4
38.0 353Ryan Braun OF35-2.8
39.6 363A.J. Pollock OF38-7.1
39.9 374Trevor Story SS37+1.5
43.6 384Wil Myers 1B40-3.1
44.3 394Jon Lester SP39-1.9
44.6 404J.D. Martinez OF61-3.4

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