2017 Baseball ADP
Average Draft Position - Not including picks made by computer teams.
ADP   # Rd Player Our
21.1 1-Edwin Encarnacion 1B21-0.8
35.6 2-Nelson Cruz OF30+0.4
71.5 3-Mark Trumbo OF99-1.5
82.5 4-Carlos Santana 1B76-0.3
88.3 5-Jose Bautista OF91-3.1
88.8 6-Khris Davis OF77-0.8
105.1 7-Miguel Sano 3B100-2.2
114.4 8-Albert Pujols 1B111-0.7
137.9 9-Evan Gattis C130-5.7
146.1 10-Kendrys Morales DH148+5.4
174.1 11-Carlos Beltran OF160-12.8
177.4 12-Brian McCann C157-17.2
189.7 13-Mike Napoli 1B190-3.2
194.5 14-Victor Martinez DH196-8.9

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