2018 Baseball ADP
Average Draft Position - Not including picks made by computer teams.
ADP   # Rd Player Our
7.1 1-Clayton Kershaw SP8+0.3
14.5 2-Max Scherzer SP14-0.2
16.0 3-Chris Sale SP16+0.1
17.3 4-Corey Kluber SP17+1.0
28.5 5-Madison Bumgarner SP29+1.1
29.8 6-Stephen Strasburg SP31+0.2
33.4 7-Noah Syndergaard SP35+1.2
36.7 8-Justin Verlander SP37-0.7
40.2 9-Jacob DeGrom SP39+1.1
41.8 10-Luis Severino SP420.0
43.3 11-Carlos Carrasco SP44+0.4
51.8 12-Zack Greinke SP50+0.5
52.6 13-Carlos Martinez SP53+0.8
57.1 14-Robbie Ray SP55-1.8
61.3 15-Chris Archer SP61-1.4
69.6 16-Dallas Keuchel SP70-0.9
70.4 17-Shohei Ohtani SP74-1.1
70.9 18-Yu Darvish SP69+5.4
81.0 19-Aaron Nola SP83+4.2
82.5 20-Jake Arrieta SP820.0
83.5 21-Jose Quintana SP84+1.1
85.2 22-James Paxton SP87+0.4
85.5 23-Alex Wood SP86+0.5
92.7 24-Jose Berrios SP90-1.8
95.9 25-Gerrit Cole SP95+1.0
98.0 26-Marcus Stroman SP98+0.6
106.9 27-Lance McCullers SP106+2.0
108.5 28-Jon Lester SP110+0.1
110.7 29-Masahiro Tanaka SP108+4.6
115.3 30-Zack Godley SP128-2.5
121.3 31-Luke Weaver SP129-0.3
123.3 32-Kevin Gausman SP126+1.1
128.2 33-Sonny Gray SP119-1.2
128.8 34-Rich Hill SP116+0.2
129.2 35-David Price SP131+0.7
129.4 36-Luis Castillo SP136+4.0
135.6 37-Johnny Cueto SP140+0.7
136.0 38-Michael Fulmer SP144+0.5
138.1 39-Trevor Bauer SP112-0.3
139.3 40-Kyle Hendricks SP139+0.4

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