2017 Baseball ADP
Average Draft Position - Not including picks made by computer teams.
ADP   # Rd Player Our
61.1 1-Aroldis Chapman RP72-0.1
68.6 2-Kenley Jansen RP49+0.3
69.8 3-Zach Britton RP89-1.5
96.1 4-Mark Melancon RP147-0.4
97.6 5-Danny Duffy SP115-1.4
102.0 6-Seung Hwan Oh RP227+2.4
104.5 7-Craig Kimbrel RP109+0.3
109.3 8-Roberto Osuna RP118-0.1
113.2 9-Wade Davis RP123+0.3
114.3 10-Edwin Diaz RP133+6.5
114.4 11-Andrew Miller RP138-9.9
121.6 12-Ken Giles RP136-0.3
121.7 13-Cody Allen RP134+0.4
135.7 14-Kelvin Herrera RP170+3.5
137.9 15-Jeurys Familia RP208-1.4
144.8 16-Julio Urias SP264+1.7
149.0 17-Alex Colome RP203+1.1
161.3 18-A.J. Ramos RP216+1.2
170.6 19-David Robertson RP239+4.3
170.8 20-Sam Dyson RP232+0.8
172.7 21-Francisco Rodriguez RP347+0.6
177.6 22-Dellin Betances RP228+6.7
184.8 23-Raisel Iglesias RP210-6.3
208.3 24-Adam Ottavino RP270-2.4
216.5 25-Dylan Bundy SP1850.0
233.3 26-Ivan Nova SP279-3.0
249.3 27-Trevor Bauer SP158+2.1
268.2 28-Mike Montgomery SP312-13.0
272.6 29-Dan Straily SP305-16.1
275.8 30-Greg Holland RP2070.0
276.4 31-Francisco Liriano SP3390.0

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