2017 Baseball ADP
Average Draft Position - Not including picks made by computer teams.
ADP   # Rd Player Our
1.4 1-Mike Trout OF1+0.7
5.8 2-Mookie Betts OF11-1.2
7.0 3-Kris Bryant 3B18-1.7
9.9 4-Bryce Harper OF5+0.6
15.9 5-Trea Turner SS6-1.9
18.6 6-Charlie Blackmon OF70.0
23.7 7-Starling Marte OF45-0.9
31.6 8-Giancarlo Stanton OF13-2.0
35.5 9-George Springer OF26-1.0
35.6 10-Nelson Cruz OF43+0.4
38.8 11-Ryan Braun OF62-0.8
41.3 12-A.J. Pollock OF65-1.7
46.6 13-J.D. Martinez OF20-2.0
47.8 14-Yoenis Cespedes OF51-1.0
54.2 15-Andrew McCutchen OF66+0.1
54.8 16-Christian Yelich OF48-1.2
56.7 17-Kyle Schwarber OF122+0.3
57.7 18-Carlos Gonzalez OF106+0.7
59.3 19-Ian Desmond OF107-7.5
60.5 20-Gregory Polanco OF71-0.9
71.5 21-Mark Trumbo OF181-1.5
88.3 22-Jose Bautista OF98-3.1
88.8 23-Khris Davis OF80-0.8
92.1 24-Matt Kemp OF100-2.2
93.0 25-Willson Contreras C81-0.9
95.0 26-Billy Hamilton OF91-1.1
95.2 27-Justin Upton OF40+1.5
99.6 28-Andrew Benintendi OF103+2.2
103.3 29-Jose Ramirez 3B22+0.3
103.4 30-Adam Jones OF96-0.1
103.6 31-David Dahl OF241-15.2
105.1 32-Miguel Sano 3B37-2.2
110.7 33-Jackie Bradley OF111-8.6
111.5 34-Odubel Herrera OF102-4.0
112.1 35-Stephen Piscotty OF129-1.0
121.1 36-Jose Peraza 2B144+14.0
124.0 37-Adam Eaton OF156-0.2
137.1 38-Ben Zobrist 2B157-1.7
147.4 39-Hunter Renfroe OF186-8.9
153.3 40-Nomar Mazara OF159-2.2

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