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2019 Baseball ADP
Average Draft Position - Not including picks made by computer teams.
ADP   # Rd Player Our
10.9 1-Max Scherzer SP10+2.6
17.2 2-Jacob DeGrom SP17+1.5
20.1 3-Chris Sale SP20-1.0
27.8 4-Blake Snell SP26+1.5
28.8 5-Corey Kluber SP27+2.6
28.9 6-Justin Verlander SP28+3.2
29.7 7-Aaron Nola SP30+0.5
32.2 8-Gerrit Cole SP320.0
37.2 9-Clayton Kershaw SP37+0.4
40.0 10-Trevor Bauer SP42+5.6
43.1 11-Luis Severino SP44+3.6
43.6 12-Noah Syndergaard SP45-2.0
47.0 13-Carlos Carrasco SP47+2.1
47.7 14-Walker Buehler SP49-0.3
56.0 15-Patrick Corbin SP53+3.0
60.7 16-James Paxton SP58+5.4
62.2 17-Stephen Strasburg SP61+6.7
65.7 18-Jameson Taillon SP64+11.6
71.8 19-Michael Clevinger SP70+12.3
72.4 20-Jose Berrios SP71+5.3
73.0 21-Madison Bumgarner SP72-1.7
83.0 22-Zack Greinke SP81+10.5
88.4 23-Jack Flaherty SP87+9.5
94.2 24-Miles Mikolas SP92+9.9
94.9 25-Mike Foltynewicz SP93+4.8
95.7 26-German Marquez SP94+2.0
96.9 27-David Price SP96-0.9
103.0 28-Zack Wheeler SP105+3.8
106.3 29-Shohei Ohtani DH155-6.9
110.9 30-Kyle Freeland SP112-10.3
112.5 31-Carlos Martinez SP115+2.9
115.5 32-Robbie Ray SP116+3.1
122.2 33-Charlie Morton SP123-5.9
127.9 34-Masahiro Tanaka SP124+2.6
136.4 35-Luis Castillo SP133+15.4
142.8 36-Yusel Kikucki SP142+6.6
143.4 37-Alex Reyes SP139+9.6
144.5 38-J.A. Happ SP140+3.4
154.4 39-Chris Archer SP146-1.1
156.7 40-Nathan Eovaldi SP147-5.9

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