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2020 Baseball ADP
ADP   # Rd Player Our
64.6 1-J.T. Realmuto C62+0.9
86.1 2-Gary Sanchez C82-7.5
96.0 3-Yasmani Grandal C95-0.3
125.2 4-Willson Contreras C121+5.7
130.4 5-Mitch Garver C128+6.3
162.2 6-Will Smith C151-25.1
185.0 7-Salvador Perez C175-4.3
212.2 8-Wilson Ramos C203-21.2
235.8 9-Christian Vazquez C222-35.6
238.6 10-Omar Narvaez C225-16.0
242.7 11-Carson Kelly C227-11.2
259.3 12-Sean Murphy C246-32.1
282.0 13-James McCann C2820.0
285.1 14-Yadier Molina C289-36.6
285.1 15-Tom Murphy C290-24.0
287.0 16-Roberto Perez C2970.0
290.4 17-Jorge Alfaro C299-50.5
303.0 18-Jason Castro C3150.0
313.5 19-Buster Posey C14910.0

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