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2018 Baseball ADP
Average Draft Position - Not including picks made by computer teams.
ADP   # Rd Player Our
45.0 1-Kenley Jansen RP44+3.9
63.5 2-Craig Kimbrel RP63+7.0
80.1 3-Aroldis Chapman RP78+5.0
86.0 4-Corey Knebel RP98+8.4
98.3 5-Roberto Osuna RP89+7.3
109.7 6-Edwin Diaz RP108+2.3
113.8 7-David Price SP112+17.7
116.5 8-Felipe Rivero RP125+11.9
120.0 9-Luke Weaver SP117-2.3
122.6 10-Wade Davis RP119+2.1
123.1 11-Cody Allen RP133+9.5
126.0 12-Raisel Iglesias RP131+13.4
126.1 13-Ken Giles RP145+20.1
138.4 14-Brad Hand RP152+18.7
149.2 15-Alex Colome RP160+4.9
152.4 16-Sean Doolittle RP171+22.1
159.3 17-Andrew Miller RP161+9.3
162.0 18-Brandon Morrow RP187+23.5
166.2 19-Archie Bradley RP188+20.1
172.2 20-Mark Melancon RP190+12.5
175.9 21-Hector Neris RP198+31.7
187.8 22-Arodys Vizcaino RP240+19.3
188.5 23-Greg Holland RP197+1.6
190.0 24-Kelvin Herrera RP225+15.6
191.2 25-Jeurys Familia RP221+25.3
191.4 26-Danny Salazar SP180-12.7
194.3 27-Michael Clevinger SP186+9.5
197.6 28-Brad Brach RP219+15.3
206.3 29-Blake Treinen RP268+35.0
212.4 30-Shane Greene RP209+53.9
220.5 31-Luke Gregerson RP276+30.2
228.7 32-Brad Peacock RP245-16.1
252.7 33-Tyler Chatwood SP296+28.0
254.4 34-Cam Bedrosian RP243+25.3
267.6 35-A.J. Ramos RP287+59.1
320.4 36-Matt Bush RP283+53.3

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