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2018 Baseball ADP
Average Draft Position - Not including picks made by computer teams.
ADP   # Rd Player Our
1.1 1-Mike Trout OF10.0
7.3 2-Mookie Betts OF6+0.9
7.4 3-Bryce Harper OF7-1.6
8.6 4-Giancarlo Stanton OF8+1.3
8.9 5-Charlie Blackmon OF9+1.3
12.0 6-Kris Bryant 3B12-0.2
17.8 7-Aaron Judge OF17-1.3
24.5 8-Cody Bellinger 1B24-3.4
25.1 9-J.D. Martinez OF25+4.5
27.6 10-George Springer OF26-0.9
32.7 11-Dee Gordon 2B31-0.4
36.1 12-Andrew Benintendi OF35-1.9
40.7 13-Marcell Ozuna OF38-1.9
44.1 14-Rhys Hoskins OF42-0.8
44.9 15-Christian Yelich OF43+11.5
48.8 16-Justin Upton OF45-0.6
50.4 17-Starling Marte OF54-0.5
50.9 18-Byron Buxton OF46-1.3
56.7 19-Wil Myers 1B51-1.8
60.2 20-Nelson Cruz DH58+7.3
61.0 21-Tommy Pham OF59+6.1
65.8 22-Billy Hamilton OF65-6.3
67.4 23-A.J. Pollock OF62-1.6
69.3 24-Khris Davis OF66+4.2
79.2 25-Lorenzo Cain OF76+9.9
86.0 26-Andrew McCutchen OF85+8.4
87.3 27-Domingo Santana OF79-10.2
89.1 28-Yoenis Cespedes OF80+5.3
97.9 29-Chris Taylor OF88+1.5
100.6 30-Ronald Acuna OF82-16.7
107.4 31-Matt Olson 1B106-0.1
110.2 32-Nick Castellanos 3B109+11.1
111.9 33-Ender Inciarte OF105-6.9
112.8 34-Yasiel Puig OF107+3.1
113.3 35-Ryan Braun OF111-1.5
117.1 36-Ian Happ OF114-8.2
127.8 37-Adam Eaton OF126-2.6
128.6 38-Ian Desmond OF124-0.5
135.5 39-Gregory Polanco OF134+12.7
138.1 40-Marwin Gonzalez OF135-5.5

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