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    Draft Directions & Settings

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Time Limit: 6h
Indicates this team is online and at this page
👑 icon means this team is the draft manager
You have to draft a player at each starting position
If your time expires, the computer will draft as if you are on and you can't turn your Auto Status off
Explanation of Auto Status: On
  • First tries to draft from your queue
  • Next tries to draft from your rankings
  • Final attempt, the computer will draft a random high ranked player that fits into your roster
Explanation of Auto Status: Auto Queue
  • Tries to draft from your queue
  • If it's empty or no players fit in the roster, no pick will be made for you and your auto status will be turned OFF
Explanation of Auto Status: Queue 1
  • Works like Auto Queue, but for just 1 round
  • Your auto status will be turned OFF after the pick is made
  • If no pick can be made, your status will still be turned OFF
  • The strategy is if you want to draft a QB with your next pick and you don't want to still be on AQ for the next round and possibly draft 2 in a row, you can go on Auto Queue for just 1 round
Explanation of Auto Status: Queue 2
  • Works like Queue 1, but for 2 rounds instead of 1
  • Most useful if you are the first or last in the draft order and make the picks at the turn
  • Indicates this team is on auto and they can't change their auto status, only draft manager can change it
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