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adschmoadschmo Drafting
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lionbillWonderboys Drafting
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Top 25 ADP
2020 Average Draft Postion complete list here
# Player ADP
1Mike Trout1.6
2Ronald Acuna Jr2.2
3Christian Yelich2.6
4Cody Bellinger4.2
5Mookie Betts6.1
6Juan Soto7.1
7Gerrit Cole7.1
8Francisco Lindor8.8
9Jacob DeGrom10.2
10Alex Bregman11.6
11Nolan Arenado11.9
12Trevor Story13.3
13Trea Turner13.6
14Freddie Freeman15.5
15Max Scherzer16.2
16Walker Buehler17.8
17Jose Ramirez18.0
18Justin Verlander18.3
19Anthony Rendon18.5
20Bryce Harper18.6
21J.D. Martinez22.0
22Fernando Tatis Jr22.1
23Pete Alonso23.0
24Rafael Devers23.8
25Stephen Strasburg25.8
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Top Couch Managers
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marus 263
012Mutts 120
⚾Jimi@CM 81
DiamondMayan9 66
⚾drafter01 63
Slashers 57
Nickd3 46
Mansfield 46
dtoyz 44
⚾Choo's On First? 26
31 Mad_Dogs 25
Noob-1 24
jdm5_80 23
swing&miss 21
jimbo504 19
⚾BrownBombers 19
⚾detroit rust 18
jimbusiness 18
Benarhatch 18
rellrellcoolj7 17
Orlando Hawks 16
snarfman 16
redsrule47 15
Merovingians 14
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