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26 managers currently online.
User Default Team Name    
Kbee012Mutts Drafting
Iamabulldozer Drafting
Kevin DalyKevin Daly Drafting
ozoneCha-Cha Drafting
swing&missswing&miss Drafting
loulandersloulanders Drafting
HavocHurlerHavocHurler Drafting
morbidarmorbidar Drafting
alexlindahljimbusiness Drafting
⚾jousterJouster Drafting
HawkewindBoulder Drafting
⚾syd barrettdetroit rust Drafting
MikeBillsFanMike MacGregor Drafting
TheForman Drafting
ApplevalleyBeer makers Drafting
Crumpton RocheJesse Roche Drafting
Dark AngelDark Angel Drafting
boltbolt Drafting
GrumpytimGrumpytim Auctions
colt47hsrKapow! Auctions
dmauroffMud Rats Auctions
redlegger Auctions
⚾drafter01 Auctions
⚾KeyLockKeyLock Auctions
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Top 25 ADP
2019 Average Draft Postion complete list here
# Player ADP
1Mike Trout1.1
2Mookie Betts2.0
3Jose Ramirez3.6
4Francisco Lindor4.5
5Nolan Arenado6.1
6J.D. Martinez6.9
7Christian Yelich8.3
8Manny Machado9.5
9Ronald Acuna9.9
10Jose Altuve10.6
11Bryce Harper11.9
12Trea Turner12.6
13Paul Goldschmidt13.5
14Max Scherzer13.5
15Alex Bregman13.6
16Aaron Judge16.1
17Freddie Freeman18.1
18Jacob DeGrom18.7
19Javier Baez19.1
20Chris Sale19.1
21Trevor Story19.4
22Andrew Benintendi23.5
23Giancarlo Stanton24.6
24Juan Soto25.5
25Charlie Blackmon28.0
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Top Couch Managers
Most active managers this season. Updated daily.
Default Team Name Drafts
marus 270
⚾Jimi@CM 40
morbidar 40
⚾drafter01 39
desmond 32
Nikodogpsp 25
swing&miss 22
⚾th3baseballman 19
Trap-Jaw24 18
Star City Braves 17
redsrule47 17
Mfbrich 16
u6ii 16
012Mutts 13
⚾BrownBombers 13
Screwy Squirrels 13
dtoyz 11
Bluelava 11
UpNort 10
⚾detroit rust 9
cody19s 9
JustEthan 9
⚾bristowski 8
instructorzim 8
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