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2021 Baseball HOF Ballot

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60.5   Roger Clemens
57.9   Barry Bonds
57.9   Curt Schilling
47.4   Gary Sheffield
42.1   Andruw Jones
39.5   Billy Wagner
36.8   Todd Helton
36.8   Omar Vizquel
36.8   Scott Rolen
31.6   Jeff Kent
18.4   Manny Ramirez
18.4   Sammy Sosa
13.2   Andy Pettitte
13.2   Torri Hunter
7.9   Bobby Abreu
7.9   Mark Buehrle
5.3   Tim Hudson
2.6   Barry Zito
2.6   Nick Swisher
2.6   Aramis Ramirez
0.0   A.J. Burnett
0.0   Michael Cuddyer
0.0   LaTroy Hawkins
0.0   Shane Victorino
0.0   Dan Haren

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Total Ballots Submitted: 38

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