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Auction Archive
Charlie Blackmon OF-COL $10 Bulls
Mike Trout OF-LAA $26 HHI Beach Bums
Giancarlo Stanton OF-NYY $16 HHI Beach Bums
Nolan Arenado 3B-COL $10 HHI Beach Bums
Trea Turner SS-WSH $1 HHI Beach Bums
Clayton Kershaw SP-LAD $30 Redbirds (Practice3)
Francisco Lindor SS-CLE $19 Redbirds (Practice3)
Aaron Judge OF-NYY $12 Redbirds (Practice3)
Jose Altuve 2B-HOU $9 Redbirds (Practice3)
Corey Kluber SP-CLE $6 Redbirds (Practice3)
Bryce Harper OF-WSH $2 Redbirds (Practice3)
Paul Goldschmidt 1B-AZ $1 Redbirds (Practice3)
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