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Here is a basic run-down of the auction draft features:

  • Public/Private
  • League size (up to 30 teams)
  • Custom roster line-up (up to 40 roster spots)
  • Mixed or one league (AL/NL only - NFC/AFC only - Eastern/Wester only)
  • Input keepers
  • Set the budget
  • Original time limit (amount of time a player is up for auction)
  • Extension time limit (after there is a new bidder, what do you want the clock to be set back to)
  • Set maximum number of auctions that can be going on at one time (fast drafts usually want one or two, maybe three but slow auctions usually have 20 or more; max is 75)
    For FAST auctions:
  • Teams nominate in order (the order is which slot the owners grabbed. So first team listed in the auction page is first to nominate, and so on.)
    For SLOW auctions:
  • Nominations go to either the winner of the auction that just ended, or the original team that nominated that player. You set that rule when you create the auction.
********* Most options can be adjusted during the auction. Fast auctions usually start off with maximum 1 nomination at a time. When owners have the hang of it, the draft manager can bump it up to 2 or 3 so the draft moves along faster.

Draft manager can hand out nominations, pause the auction, edit original time limit and extension time.

Draft manager can also delete a player that has been auctioned off to add them back to the auction pool and the owner is refunded.
Contact: couchmanagers@gmail.com Need a player added? Click here.
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