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Top 25 ADP
2018 Average Draft Postion complete list here
# Player ADP
1Mike Trout1.1
2Jose Altuve2.2
3Nolan Arenado4.0
4Trea Turner5.3
5Paul Goldschmidt5.5
6Mookie Betts7.3
7Bryce Harper7.4
8Giancarlo Stanton8.6
9Charlie Blackmon8.9
10Carlos Correa10.7
11Clayton Kershaw10.8
12Kris Bryant12.0
13Max Scherzer13.5
14Manny Machado15.3
15Chris Sale15.9
16Freddie Freeman17.5
17Aaron Judge17.8
18Francisco Lindor17.8
19Corey Kluber18.2
20Joey Votto18.4
21Anthony Rizzo19.9
22Jose Ramirez21.0
23Gary Sanchez22.7
24Cody Bellinger24.5
25J.D. Martinez25.1
complete list here
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marus 317
Radibrom 128
swing&miss 89
strategery 88
drafter01 75
Jimi@CM 64
Choo's On First? 63
andres34 61
redsrule47 56
Bruce Chen 53
jdm5_80 44
pkrangers 38
cody19s 35
OneFathom 35
desmond 30
Scurvydog 29
Sears Poncho 27
Nice Marmot 27
Thanos 26
Don Harris 26
UpNort 25
Mfbrich 24
BrownBombers 23
Oakland 23

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