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2017 Average Draft Postion complete list here
# Player ADP
1Mike Trout1.5
2Mookie Betts3.4
3Kris Bryant4.6
4Nolan Arenado5.6
5Jose Altuve6.0
6Paul Goldschmidt6.2
7Clayton Kershaw6.2
8Manny Machado8.1
9Anthony Rizzo10.2
10Bryce Harper10.6
11Josh Donaldson10.9
12Max Scherzer12.7
13Trea Turner13.2
14Carlos Correa14.7
15Miguel Cabrera15.6
16Madison Bumgarner16.6
17Charlie Blackmon17.5
18Edwin Encarnacion18.0
19Corey Seager18.1
20Joey Votto19.5
21Starling Marte20.4
22Xander Bogaerts22.7
23Chris Sale23.4
24Robinson Cano25.2
25George Springer26.2
complete list here
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Mfbrich 73
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edgemon 67
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CatcherRoy 55
sandlot 49
desmond 43
Nice Marmot 42
jimbo504 38
BrownBombers 38
uprightbasebal 38
morbidar 34
Dirty Dozen Bandit 32
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Reck0ner 30
andres34 27
Choo's On First? 26
Leroy 26
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