Slow auction roto mixed redraft ESPN $150

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Slow auction roto mixed redraft ESPN $150

Post by alleyoops » Fri Mar 02, 2018 11:02 pm

I really enjoy slow auctions, and have run slow auction football leagues on ESPN the last few years. I've run many baseball and football leagues for many years.

I started two h2h leagues using the slow auction format this year, and am starting a roto league, as well, by request from some of the owners in the first h2h league.

The things that are static (will not change) are:

* slow auction on starting 3/12 (slow auctions are a blast!)
* entry fee $150
* league runs on ESPN
* roto (the categories can be different than what they are currently)
* weekly lineups
* mixed (AL and NL)
* redraft league (non-keeper)

The current settings for other things (all subject to change):

* 12 teams (will run with less if we can't get 12, but we probably will get 12)
* categories hr, rbi, r, sb, obp, qs, k, era, whip, sv+hld
* one division (roto)
* no playoffs
* waivers for adds/drops (may change to FAAB)
* trades - 4 votes against a trade vetos the trade
* prizes 800, 500, 300, 200 (1st through 4th)
* rosters: c, 1b, 3b, ci, 2b, ss, mi, 5of, 1ut, 9p, 5 bench, 3 dl (these are ESPN default settings, with an increase to bench and DL per current owner preference)

For those who are not familiar with slow auctions, they work like this. All owners nominate 2 players for auction at the start. There is 12 hours to bid. If a new owner becomes the new bidder the clock starts over. If nobody else bids for 12 hours, the owner with the high bid at that time gets the player. When a player that you nominated sells, you nominate another guy. There's also a "max bid" feature like EBay. In football, our auctions usually finished in about 10 days. It will probably take a bit longer than that in baseball, as there are more players being auctioned.

I hope to fill the league with friendly folks who actively participate in the auction and actively manage their teams during the season.

Reply here with any questions, or to let me know that you're interested in the league. If interested, send me your email via private message, and I'll invite you to the league and include you on email communications.

Hope you decide to join us!


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Post by alleyoops » Sat Mar 10, 2018 10:26 pm

Sorry, this league is full.

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