Auction Questions

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Auction Questions

Post by hoigaard » Mon Mar 04, 2013 1:00 am

We have a detailed, long-standing auction keeper league. Annually we've done our auction in person or via chat room, but this year we're looking to go the website route. We've not done this before because the sites that run leagues (yahoo, espn, etc) claim to have auction drafts that you can customize, but our two most important issues are never addressed by any of those sites. So, I'm wondering if you can help us:
1) Can we adjust the starting cap? We use a $300 cap and it blows me away how many sites don't let you move from the standard 260.
2) We have a "Spend as you wish" rule, meaning: If someone wants to spend their entire $300 cap on 7 players, great. They would have to fill out the remainder of their roster from the leftover free agents after the auction. Every site I've seen forces you to keep enough money to cover the remaining roster spots. Does couchmanagers allow us to continue with our "Spend as you wish" rule?


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Post by admin » Mon Mar 04, 2013 2:39 pm

You can set whatever budget you want for your league.

As for spend what you wish, there is a work-around that we can try but by default it requires $1 left for each open roster spot. Email (link at the bottom of the main site) with a link to your draft requesting this for your auction.

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