Auto pause bidding uses incorret reset time

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Auto pause bidding uses incorret reset time

Post by Toowicked23 » Mon Jul 13, 2020 8:14 am

I thank you first for the auto pause option and I like that we can bid on players and nominate while the timer stops. However I found a bug in the code. If a player is nominated overnight and has an original time clock of 12 hours, when the morning starts, it should still be 12 hours. However we found out if you then over bid on said player, it goes to the reset time, which in our league is 6 hours. So we have players that will be on the board for only 6 hours, and not the original 12 to make sure everyone has a time to see that player. Is it possible to correct this now?

My draft is and a player like C Kluber or T. LaStella show they were reset to 6 hours and never started at 12 hours.


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