BMC Fantasy Leagues Now Forming!

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BMC Fantasy Leagues Now Forming!

Post by awzuzzio » Wed Dec 05, 2012 2:47 pm

Are you out of the fantasy playoffs in your current league? Are you not ready to have your fantasy football season end? Well, look no further. We are running fantasy football playoff leagues.

These leagues are pretty straight forward. These leagues consists of 10 teams and 10 players rosters from teams that have made the NFL playoffs. We will have a snake draft with 10 rounds and will have 2 minutes to pick per player. There are no weekly lineups. This is a cumulative score of your players through the 4 weeks of the NFL playoffs. The team with the highest fantasy points based on BMC scoring rules (see for details) will win. Any tie for 1st place is split equally. The object is to pick players that continue on throughout the playoffs and not just the top fantasy players. The challenge is to find the correct balance to score as many points in the 4 weeks of the playoff season. The playoffs consist of the Wild Card, Divisional, Championship Rounds and the Superbowl.

Snake Draft of NFL Playoff teams.
There are no weekly lineups.
BMC scoring rules.
Highest total cumulative score wins.
League Entry $25. We use LeagueSafe for collecting entry fees.
1st Place Champion wins $200.
Run through MFL -
One entry per league.

Please choose from the following draft dates. We will be running one draft per night from January 1st to January 4th. To join please click on Leaguesafe link. Once paid through leagueSafe, we will send you the MFL league invite for the league. Once the league hits 10 teams, that league will be closed. The first 10 to join gets in that league. If the demand is there, we will add additional leagues for those days.

Draft - January 1st 9pm Est time - click on link to join - ... playoffs-1
Draft - January 2nd 9pm est time - click on link to join - ... playoffs-2
Draft - January 3rd 9pm est time - click on link to join - ... playoffs-3
Draft - January 4th 9pm est time - click on link to join - ... playoffs-4

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