slow draft baseball questions

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slow draft baseball questions

Post by coloradotim » Tue Jan 07, 2014 9:24 am

I'm considering using this site for my slow draft baseball league this year. It would be a private league. Some questions:

1. What is the maximum roster size per fantasy team? Can you support 40 player rosters (i.e drafting 40 players per team?)

2. What is the maximum number of fantasy teams you can have in a draft? We could possibly have 20 teams in our league.

3. Can I set the first round draft order manually, and then have your site "snake" the draft after that?

4. Position eligibility - I saw a past post that you give a player a position of he has played there 15+ games in the previous season. True? How are positions assigned for players with little or no major league experience?

5. If there is a player missing from your eligible draft list is it possible to add players during the draft? If so, how is that done? By making a request to add a player on this board?

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Post by BaseballGuy » Sat Jan 11, 2014 11:19 pm

Here's your answers,
#1 - Our max is 30 rounds
#2 - Our max is 30 team leagues
#3 - Yes, the draft manager can select players at any time of the draft. He can also pause and restart the draft at anytime.
#4 - We use the position that they have been playing. In some cases players can be assigned multiple positions. When requesting a player(see #5), the position can be requested too.
#5 - Anyone can request a new player. At the bottom of most CM pages there's a place (Need a player added?) to click on. You'll be asked to fill out the information. Once a request is in we will then add that player to the CM player pool.

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